Just Call Me

Just Call Me takes conference calls mobile

Just Call Me is the app-based programme that allows users to invite participants to a conference call, which they can join just by dialling the hosts’ mobile number. No access codes or passwords required. Multiple participants can join the call and only the host need have the app on their phone.


Diary Management/Call Scheduler

As the host, you control who to invite and when. The information then synchronises with your diary allowing you to keep on top of things and ensuring Just Call Me becomes a dependable life/business management tool.


App-based Programme

Being the host, the app gives you total flexibility and autonomy over your conference calls. You can even mute, muffle or remove participants on a call as well as set alerts so you always know what you’ve got going on next.


Low Monthly Fee

All the conference calls you want to make are covered in your set monthly fee of just £5.00. The rate covers the app itself and the cost of the conference calls. Bargain.