Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, we want to offer you the BEST service using the BEST products at the RIGHT time. We approach telecoms in a different way and have some amazing and very unique solutions to help make your business great.  Our customers are our priority and you will find this in everything we do.

Our Values

At Tribe we believe people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. For us, passion is paramount and our drivers are clear…


We want to be your partner for the long term

Challenge the status quo and think outside the box

We sell the right telecoms, at the right time, at the right cost


We want telecoms to be easy for you

Always consider 'Is there a simpler way?'

We make understanding, operating and troubleshooting your telecoms easy


We want you to be excited about your telecoms

Inspire others and be inspired

We provide personal, emotional connections


We want to give you back time

Work to live and have fun

We engage excellence everyday


We want you to have the best of the best

We are not sheep, explore different possibilities

The world is changing so fast, we feel it's right to challenge sameness

The Tribe Leaders

Aaron Devitt
Managing Director / Founder

Aaron has spent over 25 years now in the communications industry and worked for such brands as Orange, O2 and Samsung, with the latter running some of the UK’s largest accounts such as Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone. Aaron’s main goal is to utilise this vast knowledge and experience within his own SME business in order to provide the ‘best service possible’ for Tribe’s customers. This husband & wife team strive to live by the values of Tribe not just in business but at home too along with their 5 children!

Emma Lester-Devitt
Operations Director / Founder

Following a long career in both public and private sector management roles Emma decided to join Aaron on the epic journey of Tribe...leading the operational side of the business and ensuring our customers remain at the forefront of everything we do. Emma is passionate about promoting the values of Tribe and maintains the social media side of the business in addition to keeping the junior tribe members in tow...finding balance, exploring options and looking to inspire likeminded people thru our Instagram & Twitter updates...so follower her at: Instagram @tribetelecom / Twitter @tribetelecom

Our WOW philosophy... "to provide the best customer service possible"

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