Tribe Telecom


Your No.1 B2B Telecoms Provider for 2022

We start with the .question – what do you want to achieve? From there we can identify what fits you and your business.  We work with all industries from health and education all the way to farming.  Whatever your needs are be they mobile, connectivity or telecoms we can provide a solution which offers you peace of mind,  freeing your time to focus on the really important stuff, like the further success of your business or finding the balance between work and play!  With intelligent, efficient and smart systems in place let Tribe show you what the art of possible really looks like.

Our Partners

These are just some of the major partnerships we have to ensure we can deliver to our customers the right solution at the right price


Sleek, easy to use and intuitive

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP family of devices brings a host of benefits offering secure and high call quality performance you can expect from Unify.  Reduced communications bottlenecks with built-in Gigabit Ethernet and Circuit integration.  High definition AudiPresence HD voice technology and all featuring the Blue Angel Climate Protection Award for the majority of the CP range.


Whatever the budget, whatever the requirements, whatever the volume

Tribe are partnered with the best hardware wholesalers in the UK to ensure we get the best prices on all current devices.  Beat the ques and register with us in advance of new releases.  The Android market is now wide open and there are plenty of top spec devices for a every budget.  Mix and match the devices depending upon who needs what to deliver the job.  We also offer a range of accessories to ensure your device is protected against the elements.

Tribe Telecom has been working with UK business since 2014, continuing to deliver on our promise to provide the BEST customer service to all those we work with and for.