16th August 2016

CCD SOLUTIONS – making IT simple!

Providing customised solutions specifically suited to your business needs.

The Challenge

Based on the South coast of England, CCD Solutions provide business support solutions to both large and small, local and national companies. They offer a wide range of IT services for both in house and cloud hosted systems. With extensive experience of working with clients in many different sectors, their team of dedicated consultants & engineers provide customised solutions specifically designed to their customers’ unique needs. As such CCD are ‘always available anywhere’ thus required a communications partner that could provide:

– the very highest levels of proactive and reactive customer service – coverage for their mobile team no matter where in the UK they are – cost effective solutions that deliver throughout the life of the contract period – CAPEX control for cash flow management – and the ability to listen and understand CCD’s business objectives


The Solution

Tribe Telecom listened and fully understood why CCD do what they do and where they wanted to get to. In overlaying their ‘why’ and business objectives with the very clear reasons ‘why’ Tribe exist as a business, the two companies now work together in synergy as true partners.

Tribe were able to think differently and provide emerging technologies that allowed CCD to be ‘always on’ by connecting their mobile phones to the best network available anywhere they are required to be in the UK.

Flexibility with hardware funding meant CDD could now have a varied choice of how they purchased equipment and when. As part of this choice Tribe explored many options for CCD and brought to life, in conjunction with Tribe’s Global partner, the next generation CYOD (choose your own device) model.

Add to this a personal, named and dedicated account manager that is available as required and CCD have found a communications partner that allows them to provide excellence to their own customer base at all times.

“Mobile communications are vital to our business, with support engineers on the road and all over the country we needed a telecoms provider we could rely on 24/7. We needed to know that a simple call would bring a fast solution and that is what Tribe Telecom gives us. No headaches, no hassle, just answers. With products and options that simply aren’t available elsewhere Tribe offered us a solution that met our needs as well as providing our staff with access to the latest technology. We would wholeheartedly recommend Tribe Telecom to any business, large or small, who values quality of service, expert advice and value for money.”

Chris Dobson Director

The Results

Not only do CDD have complete confidence in their communications UK wide, they have also been able to provide enhanced SLA’s when on site at customer premises and public events.

CCD had the option of having their hardware fund made available as a lump sum cash amount after 30 days but chose to explore the unique Tribe CYOD offering. This solution has allowed to CCD to realise up to 80% saving on their CAPEX costs on hardware and allowed their employees to have the best devices in the market to choose from at up 50% of the standard cost.

This has meant CCD have been able to take complete control of their capital expenditure on hardware in line with company objectives. Add these results to energetic and proactive account management that provides CCD with worry free and financially enabling advice and the trifecta has been hit.

Tribe have realised cost effective, really simple, reliable and responsive solutions which have given CCD colleagues back much needed valuable time and thus a greater life balance.

Tribe Telecom

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Post By Emma Lester-Devitt