21st September 2016

Creativ Company – more than a good business

When you shop at Creativ Company, we aim to be your number one supplier of arts and crafts products. We strive to offer our customers fast delivery, good service, the best prices and lots of innovative inspiration.

The Challenge

Creativ Company are a dynamic online, B2B and on premise National retailer that also has a global reach in 10 European countries. As such national and international communications are essential and connectivity uptime absolutely essential to maintain their online e-tail presence.

Creativ Company pride themselves on world class customer service. As such they MUST have highly robust up time management of their web site and customer service systems. Add to this multiple locations across Europe and there is a very real need to manage call costs which often get out of control and can damage profitability.

“By implementing a fully Unified system we have been amazed at the transformation of our call centre efficiency. This coupled with incredible savings, high levels of control and complete trust we now have in our communications lead us to believe we have found a true partner in Tribe. I highly recommend you have a chat with them!”

Michael Pratt Managing Director

The Solution

Tribe listened and understood Creativ’s requirements and suggested a Unified approach to their communications where mobiles, cloud telephony, connectivity and applications were all able to work together in unison.

This approach provided Creativ with the ability to fully manage how they made and received calls to and from anywhere in the world via their online portal; understand exactly what their calling profile looks like via a set of simple to use reporting tools; make sure they were maximising their available internet speed but more importantly having in place a robust failover system that allowed full business continuity for when things don’t quite go to plan; and putting in place Tribes’ unique CYOD solution that allowed Creativ to manage the CAPEX cost for their mobile phone fleet.

The Results

Creativ now have full control of their inbound and outbound calling where they can assign hunt groups, track inbound call usage within their call centre, exercise control on outbound calling and most importantly reduced their call costs nationally and international by 48%.

Add to this an 88% CAPEX cost reduction in the purchase of their mobile phone fleet for staff and the immediate savings alone have allowed Creativ to concentrate their communications spend in other areas such as connectivity and cloud applications.

With internet speeds now tripled the UK office have estimated increased daily efficiencies of over 35%. And with a super robust 3G/4G fixed IP failover system in place Creativ have complete peace of mind that they will always be available to their most important asset… their customer base.

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Post By Emma Lester-Devitt