8th September 2016

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The Challenge

Dynatrace are an energetic global market leader that have a large presence across Europe. As such they have daily interaction with colleagues and customers alike across numerous countries and also weekly travel for many colleagues to EMEA countries, Asia and the US in particular. Daily business communications require a great deal of management so that costs do not spiral out of control but with such busy schedules at Dynatrace it is not always possible to monitor this usage. Add to this a considerable number of connections within multiple EU countries that require contract and daily management centralised out of the UK EMEA Head Office. Dynatrace needed a partner that was able to think outside the square, provide options and make their communications far simpler for them to deal with.

“Tribe Telecom effectively understood our pain points and as a result have saved us 40%+ across 12 European countries in our mobile run rate costs”

Rich Bowers EMEA Finance Director


The Solution

Tribe Telecom was able to use its considerable knowledge of networks within the EU to negotiate all in country agreements on behalf of Dynatrace via its unique Contract Advisory Service. Following Dynatrace guidelines and minimum requirements RFP’s were sent out with a bespoke set of parameters and timeframes. Proposals with full analysis were then received, collated, summarised and presented back to Dynatrace in order to make fully informed decisions. Tribe were then able to manage the provisioning of the agreements through to implementation along with any ports or migrations in a seamless manner with minimal to no service interruption. Dynatrace now have the Tribe day-to-day International Management Service in place that allows any user from any country within their European holding to utilise a single point of contact (phone or email), in the language of their home country, to have queries resolved. A bespoke monthly summary dashboard of usage and spend by country is also available at the end of each cumulative country bill cycle allowing Head Office to track spend at a glance.

“Dynatrace needed to accelerate mobility within our digital transformation. Tribe’s delivery approach enabled Dynatrace to continue to serve performance insights to our customers”

Jonathan Oliver VP Global Technology Services

The Results

Highly effective agreements that speak to the unique business objectives of Dynatrace have been greatly welcomed. As have the comparative cost savings achieved. But most notable has been the high reduction in time taken to manage the mobile communications both in the UK and EU. This alone has saved Dynatrace many more tens of thousands of pounds in resource allocation and has been worth every penny of investment.

With the ability now to analyse any area of their usage at any time through in country online billing platforms plus having a very easy to read and understand dashboard available has given Dynatrace far greater control of their communications than ever thought possible. Dynatrace have saved invaluable time managing multiple accounts across multiple countries via very simple, bespoke and highly effective international service options provided by Tribe. This has given many colleagues back much needed valuable time and thus a greater life balance.

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Post By Emma Lester-Devitt