The Choose Your Own Device Scheme Explained

CYOD and the choose your own device policy is the only solution available that uses government legislation to create a Tax and NI saving on handset purchases for your business fleet. With up to 70% savings on the purchase cost of business handsets, including a similar saving for the employee for their personal handset.

The process is very simple with the business deciding what subsidy to offset against the handset RRP and then our Partner  manages all communications with your employees, letting them decide which handset they want.

The 5 steps to sign up for both your company and the employee are as follows:

EMPLOYEE…                                                                                                                EMPLOYER…

CYOD                                      Choose Your Own Device Scheme


We would welcome exploring how the Choose Your Own Device scheme can both decrease your current mobile hardware CAPEX cost and increase employee retention by offering a great incentive. Please register your details below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.