Ethernet First Mile, or EFM for short, is the perfect fit for businesses outgrowing their more traditional broadband connections.

With high-level bandwidth, speed and the reliability of a Leased Line, but at a fraction of the cost, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is an affordable way to improve businesses connectivity.

Using copper lines, instead of fibre, to connect to the local exchange, EFM can be simpler and quicker to install than a standard Leased Line. With a dedicated and highly-resilient connection, download and upload speeds are symmetrical. Tribe Telecoms EFM solution is a fully managed service.

Ethernet First Mile EFM

Private Connection

EFM offers a totally private connection between Tribe Telecom’s customers and their chosen service provider. As the only user of this connection, there is no risk of contention ratios usually found in broadband technologies, offering the customer a level of assurance that the only activity occurring on the line, is their own.


A Fully Managed Service with Guaranteed Fix Times

At Tribe Telecom, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing a level of service to our customers. We understand that any issues that stop a business from running smoothly need to be handled in the quickest time frame possible. We believe in our ability to serve our customers and their businesses professionally, and efficiently. We back that up by agreeing guarantees in our service level agreements, giving our customers total peace of mind.


An Affordable Price

EFM offers a massive step up in speed and service at an affordable price. Tribe Telecom is passionate about providing the highest quality in service and delivery whilst ensuring our customers pay highly competitive market rates.


Delivers Reliable Bandwidth Applications

EFM truly moves things onto the next level offering business the ability to start using a range of cloud services and video conferencing that would usually require superior network performance. With EFM, you can start to explore the possibilities.


VoIP and Hosted Solutions

With EFM at Tribe Telecom, customers can start exploring their options on VoIP and hosted solutions to cut business phone bills and reduce or eliminate ISDN circuit rental costs.