For any company where having a solid connection to the internet is an absolute must, leased lines for businessĀ are by far the best option.

A leased line is a dedicated, symmetric connection going directly from the local exchange to your premises providing robust, reliable and fast data connectivity. A solid reliable, connection, an actively monitored line, and a guaranteed service level agreement. This is the big leagues.


60-90 Days

Considering the highly durable, solid nature of a leased line, typical installation times of 60 -90 days are understandable, to be expected even. The result is a dependable, almost unshakable service that means your business is never without its key commodity, staying connected.


Better Reliability

With a leased line, un-contended bandwidth means increased reliability. Having a dedicated line, only serving your business, means that the only activity on the line is created only by your business and your employees. Limiting the number of users on the line, means limiting the potential for faults.



A dedicated Lease means symmetric upload and download speeds. No need to wait any longer for a download, than you would expect to wait to upload. Quick and efficient, a dedicated line means the traffic can flow easily both ways.

Leased Lines London


Monitored 24/7

Leased lines are actively monitored 24/7, 365 days to avoid network failures and other faults. Tribe Telecoms customers have security in the knowledge that should there be a problem with their line at any time, they would have prior warning. A heads up means leased line customers have the opportunity to put measures and temporary support procedures in place ahead of time, minimising the risk of down time and loss of earnings should something go wrong.



Tribe Telecom Leased line customers have the added security of a standard service level agreement, which features grantees on performance, availability and fault fix times.


Delivers Bandwidth Reliant Applications

Leased Lines offer business the ability to use a range of bandwidth reliant applications such as cloud services and video conferencing that would usually require superior network performance. With leased lines, the scope begins to open up.


VoIP and Hosted Solutions

With leased lines at Tribe Telecom, customers can start exploring their options on VoIP and hosted solutions to cut business phone bills and reduce or eliminate ISDN circuit rental costs, meaning on going, increased, cost saving potential.