Cloud Text

For any organisation with the need to contact large numbers of individuals quickly and efficiently, Cloud Text, is the answer.

Cloud Text is and Instantaneous industry leading volume SMS cloud based tool. The potential for customers to deliver their messages in a scalable way is exciting, almost limitless.


Volume and Power

With Cloud text, the ability to reach an audience of thousands in mere seconds is a reality. With the functionality to send messages at a rate of 10,000 per second, reaching an audience of any size is achievable almost instantaneously.



Allowing customers to broaden their reach even further, Cloud based text solutions enable campaign delivery via email giving customers a choice of distribution. Synchronisation with customers CRM systems ensures time sensitive and accurate data. The grass roots architecture of the system allows for a flexible approach, allowing the system to accommodate growth and offering the customer even more in terms of economies of scale.

Cloud Text provider


With industry leading service level agreements in place, Cloud Text customers are assured of quality. Tier 1 connection’s to local mobile operators and digital communication compliance means customers can rest easy that Cloud Text is trusted service provider, at the forefront of cloud SMS technology.