Microsoft Office 365

Autonomy and flexibility drive the very concept of Microsoft Office 365.

With the ability to remotely access everything you would access inside your office space, the very concept of office space is in itself challenged. Who needs one?

Delivering new levels in industry leading cloud accessibility, security, and data management, Microsoft Office 365 opens up the possibilities for customers, giving them freedom to choose, and still get the job done.


Mobile Working – Any Place any Time with Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365 and Tribe Telecom the possibilities are endless. Businesses can give their employees autonomy to work from any place at any time, on or off line, on almost any device, knowing they have access to all the tools they need to deliver excellent work.

Microsoft Office 365 service and help

IT Maintenance Cost savings

Office 365 comes with Microsoft in built technology support as standard, meaning a potential cost saving for businesses on traditional tech and IT support running costs. No need to pay for the same thing twice, and with Office 365, you are assured your technology support and your platforms and programmes are all talking the same language, making for a more streamlined approach in business technology.

Microsoft Guaranteed security and privacy – cost saving

Hosting your information in the cloud would usually require a security or safe guarding purchase of some kind to ensure your companies private data is kept secure. An absolute must for business working online. With Office 365 however this cost is already handled. Microsoft even guarantees levels of data security for its customers, giving Office 365 users total peace of mind.