Malware Protection

With Tribe, straightforward, easy, affordable cyber and mobile device security is a reality.

Our partnership with elite brands in Malware Protection and cyber security means our clients are already half way there in terms of securing their business. With Tribe, our customers are assured of their protection against the ever-evolving risks our businesses face through growing trends in mobile use, social networks, cloud-based applications and the associated developing intrusions. Ransomeware attacks are on the up in the SME market place, which if left undefended can be a scary prospect for business security. A recent report published by security firm Kaspersky Lab, highlights the first quarter of 2016 as experiencing a spike in the use of Ransomware attacks. These attacks are a ruthless type of malware that encrypts, or locks the files it accesses then demanding a ransom be paid to release them. The increase in usage of Ransomeware across 2016 has seen such an increase that researchers are now claiming it could be the main cyber security issue of the year.

But its not just the threat of outside attacks that business owners need to consider. Often quite unconsciously, employees can leave businesses exposed to infiltration or attack from the inside, simply by going about their daily tasks. Opening emails that carry viruses, accessing the wrong websites, or running high bandwidth usage applications can all jeopardise the integrity of a businesses cyber security.

Today's attacks can be so sophisticated, and are ever evolving, continuously aiming to stay one step ahead, and thus it is essential that combative cyber security is even more advanced, intelligently morphing into the next phase of security protocols and software developments.  Ransomware for example is almost unstoppable once it has entered a system. The best form of defence is offense. Next Generation Malware Protection gives businesses one of their best chances of effectively securing their businesses against these modern day sophisticated cyber assaults.

Do you know your network’s vulnerabilities?

After just 7 days of monitoring your network, during which time you'll see no interruption to your infrastructure, you'll receive  a comprehensive report that summarises our findings and presents a set of recommendations for addressing detected events:

A Tribe Cyber-Risk Audit can help you better understand:

  1. Application vulnerabilities that are attacking your network
  2. Which malware and botnets are detected and which devices are 'at risk'
  3. Which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging and other applications are running
  4. User browsing habits
  5. Your throughput, session and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours


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Malware Protection

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