Next Generation Antivirus

Next-Generation Antivirus is the game changer in anti virus software capabilities.

Prevention rather than detection is finally a reality with Next Generation Antivirus. At last, antivirus software has the capabilities to actually block an attack on a business’s cyber security, rather than just identifying when infiltration has occurred. ¬†Boasting a state of the art blend of artificial intelligence and sophisticated machine learning combined with a ground breaking understanding of a hacker's mentality, Next-Generation Antivirus is in a league of it own.

99% of identifiable and unidentifiable threats can be stopped in their tracks with Next-Generation Antivirus, which for the SME market is a groundbreaking development in cyber security.  The ability to understand and identify threats in real time, before they can cause damage to a businesses cyber infrastructure is cause for much celebration.

Next-Generation Antivirus Business Benefits:

Protection from 99% of potential attacks, known and unknown, including zero-day malware, privilege escalations, system and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, scripts and potentially unwanted programs.

Reduce the pressure on IT resources and minimise user impact with Next-Generation Antivirus low memory usage (less than 1% of CPU) Plus with no internet connection or signature updates necessary, precious IT resources can be deployed safely else where.

Can fit effortlessly into an already established infrastructure with minimum disruption, and deployment is flexible and tailored to suit a wide variety of business needs.

Real time detection and prevention of malware infiltration.

Protection of end point security is significantly enhanced.


Next Generation Antivirus

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