Mobile Device Management – MDM

Mobile device management or MDM offers a solution to ever growing mobile security concerns generated from the increasingly remote working and BYOD culture today’s workforce operates in.

The flexibility and independence this approach to work offers employees, is an incredibly attractive recruitment tool, meaning employers are able to see quality growth in their businesses. The down side however, is ensuring efficient management and security controls are implemented and handled effectively to ensure the security of precious company data…

Mobile device management | MDM


Mobile Device Management | MDM

With MDM, a central, web based interface can manage all the devices operating within a business, with the ability to remotely enrol, configure, and secure, track and report on live devices, enforce security policies, plus remotely lock or wipe devices, turn features on or off, implement hardware and OS restriction policies, and enforce complex password protection.

Mobile device management

Application Management

Sophisticated application management allows the employer to manage any apps used on their fleet of devices. With MDM, apps can be added or removed without the user knowing, configuration or updating of apps can happen quickly and remotely, plus, unwanted features, apps or games can be blocked with the creation of white list and black list company polices.


Content Management

With Tribe telecom, an efficient Mobile Device Management | MDM set up means state of the art content management tools allowing businesses to set rules around who can access certain documents on their mobile device and what they are allowed to do with them. In addition MDM offers employers the opportunity to safely and securely dispose of devices when they reach the end of their life cycle. Tribe Telecom MDM means business are in control, protecting their brand, their assets and their employees, whilst at the same time offering them the freedom to work in a modern, flexible, attractive, mobile way.