17th July 2018

New digital business fund, smarter hackers and the app that monitors energy spend down to a single machine

New funding to help SMEs embrace smart tech

Whitehall has unveiled plans for a Business Basics Fund to help small and medium sized companies adopt new technologies. Details published on news site BDaily claim that the £8m on offer could boost the UK economy by more that £100bn, through better broadband connectivity and the implementation of emerging technologies in cloud computing, mobile and digital management.

broadband for business in Hampshire

UK slipping down broadband rankings

Details of the initiative comes just days after The Guardian online revealed that Britain has fallen to 35th in a global league table of broadband speeds. The study, which compared connectivity across 200 countries, rated the UK below the likes of Madagascar and Bulgaria while Singapore topped the list closely followed by Scandinavian nations including Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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Hackers focus on travel sector and small business

Last year’s highly publicised cyber attacks served as a stark warning to business and resulted in many firms ramping up online security. But a report by tech company ZDNet warns hackers are getting smarter and decidedly more picky about who they target.

Quoting Akaimi’s annual ‘State of the Internet’, the report notes that while attacks have dropped dramatically over the past 12 months, their focus is shifting to the hospitality and travel sectors – where companies typically hold a lot of personal information – and small businesses who may not have the resources in place to repel attack.

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Tracking your company energy spend – down to an individual machine

News from commodities website EnergyLiveNews this week, that BP have invested in a startup enabling business to monitor their energy performance and spending in real time. Known as Voltaware, the product – which is accessed through an app – will form part of BP’s Alternative Energy strategy and promises users the chance to improve efficiency by calculating exact costs on a machine by machine basis.

Discovery of the month

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Post By Emma Lester-Devitt