Business broadband that’s fit for purpose, the end of the landline and Britain’s addiction to big energy

Business broadband fit for the 21st century. Not until 2033!

The UK government has finally released its long-awaited plan to roll out fibre broadband across the country, publishing a white paper detailing how it proposes to extend reach into rural areas and reboot current poor performance in many towns and cities.

With current full fibre business broadband only available to 4% of the UK, the country already lags well behind most of Europe. And with full rollout not scheduled until 2033, many industry figures are criticising BT – whose OpenReach network operates much of Britain’s broadband infrastructure – of dragging its heels at the expense of business.

Business broadband

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The end of traditional telephony as we knew it!

Does last month’s news – that ‘big four’ accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers is to remove landlines from their offices by the end of the summer – mark an end to traditional business communications? The company claim changing practices such as hotdesking, working from home or onsite, means landlines are now superfluous to their business model.

Ofcom figures lend weight to the idea that landlines for business are a thing of the past. The increased use of mobile phones, VoIP telephony and apps like WhatsApp are cited in a Guardian article as the reason for a drop in the number of business landlines of more than 35% since 2010.

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WhatsApp set to challenge VoIP

Speaking of WhatsApp, owners Facebook have rolled out a raft of new business services aimed at monetising the hugely popular messaging app, with a range of features, including the ability to click and call direct from Facebook ads.

The big question is: Can the social media giant provide enough functionality to challenge more established VoIP applications and cloud telephony systems?

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Finally some good news for business about online security.

A recent report out of the US, claims the number of global data breaches in the first quarter of 2018 was down on the same period a year earlier. However, the danger posed by hackers is still there for any business not properly protected and the BBC tech team have some practical advice on suring up your online security and protecting your company from cyber attacks.

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Breaking the UK’s addiction to big energy suppliers?

The UK’s big energy firms have a stranglehold on the market. Despite regular attempts to open up the sector most consumers still rely on one of the big 6 providers, even though they’re consistently listed among the most expensive suppliers.

But while 82% of the population struggle to break what a recent article on the Wired website describes as; ‘The UK’s addiction to big energy firms’, market regulator Ofgem is actively encouraging consumers to seek out better deals.

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Post By Emma Lester-Devitt