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Developing killer B2B mobile apps

B2C branded mobile apps have established a major foothold on the devices of consumers, but B2B marketers shouldn’t feel left out – there are ways to get their brand’s app in the hands of buyers.

The key to mobile app success lies in providing B2B buyers some value with a mobile app, whether that’s by providing tools or supplying useful information.

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“Of course, B2Cs have already benefited enormously from apps, but now, B2B apps are establishing a place in the market,” InSegment SEO manager Alexander Grosu wrote in a column for MarketingProfs. “In fact, an app can completely change how potential clients perceive a B2B company and its products or services.”

Focusing on a target buyer audience and their needs and pain points is a good place to start for B2B organizations that are considering developing a mobile app. Taking cues from apps that have already proven their value to mobile users can’t hurt, either.

“To understand what users need from a B2B app, start by looking at some of the most popular ones on the market. Some of those apps may not be targeted at businesses only; many, such as Evernote, can be used by consumers, too,” Grosu wrote. “However, examine those apps from a B2B perspective and how they provide value to companies. Thorough market research might also be needed to ascertain what sort of app your potential clients are looking for – and, most importantly, how they would expect it to be delivered to them.”

Once an app is developed and ready for its close-up, marketers need to make sure it is easily discoverable within app stores and work to drive user ratings to increase visibility. Social media is a great place for spreading the word about apps, as well.

“Social media is everywhere today, so it must be an integral part of your B2B app marketing process,” Grosu wrote. “First, be sure to polish up your social media pages with attractive information and visuals that align with your branding. Then create social media campaigns that target mobile users and prompt them to install your app.”


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