Lines & Calls

Just a quick twenty minute conversation with a Tribe Enterprise Specialist plus an offline audit of your current billing will allow us to calculate substantial savings on phone lines and calls. These can often be business efficiencies of up to 50% on BT’s standard call charges and line rentals.

  • Access to WLR3 portal for easy management and fault reporting
  • One Joined-Up Bill
  • Fast and seamless transfer of phone lines
  • Safeguard your business
  • Closely monitor your calls
  • Combat fraud proactively

Lines & Calls

Wholesale Line Rental

At Tribe Telecom, our clients enjoy unprecedented access to our WLR 3 portal, allowing them greater visibility and knowledge of user trends. With its ground-breaking technology, WLR 3 can mean massive improvements in efficiencies and the ability to manage and tackle faults instantly with its state of the art reporting and management software. With the choice of operating methodologies including an intuitive, and sophisticated web based portal, or an Application Programming Interface (API) or a mix of both, we work closely with our clients to ensure the perfect set up for their business lines & calls.



Life is all about balance at Tribe Telecom. We understand just how precious time is. With the hectic life styles we all lead and most of us striving to find the right balance in our lives, we believe the things that should be straightforward, really ought to be. At Tribe, our streamline billing system keeps things simple, no matter how large or small your account with us. One Joined up bill means less time administering payments and more time to spend how you choose.


Phone Line Transfer

In any business, downtime, costs money. At Tribe, we understand it’s simply not practical to have unnecessary interruptions that will impact business performance. Our ability to transfer our customer’s phones lines & calls is both seamless and speedy. Only the bare minimum of interruption is tolerable. Our customers understand and expect a level of transfer time, but are pleasantly surprised when we advise them just how little of their time we need.