SIP is fast replacing traditional business telephony. With high-quality internet connectivity options becoming more and more accessible to businesses, it’s a logical next step to take.

Without the need for traditional phone lines, SIP is an IP telephony service that lets you run numerous communications applications over your internet connection. At Tribe, our SIP customers report significant cost savings, increased efficiencies in flexibility and scalability, as well as increasing their scope for control and business contingency options.

Tribe install SIP solutions by replacing traditional ISDN lines with SIP trunks; this allows the concurrent running of voice calls and data over your internet connection (VoIP).

How does SIP trunking work?

  • Cost-efficient
  • Complete scalability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Get ahead

Cost Efficiencies

Our service is far cheaper per channel than ISDN. You’ll save up to 50% on line rentals and a minimum of 25% on calls. More often than not you’re able to keep the phone system you already have, so there are no additional costs involved for new hardware setups. Customers only pay for what they need and what they use, which again, translates into even more cost savings for Tribe Telecom’s SIP customers.



With SIP, adding and removing lines is both quick and easy, meaning a totally flexible approach to telephony to suit your business requirements. Fast growing or businesses with seasonal peak can be particularly well served with a professional set up.


Disaster Recovery

Unplanned disruptions are simply and effectively handled with an SIP system. With the absolute minimum in down time, mere seconds are all it takes for calls to be rerouted to backup sites or even mobiles, ensuring the inconvenience and pain commonly associated with unplanned business disturbances, is a thing of the past.



At Tribe Telecom, we consider number portability to be one of SIPs best features. Customers can retain their geographic numbers without paying ongoing call forwarding costs when moving office or relocating. Plus, as the need arises, a ‘local’ presence can be achieved without the need for a physical presence, using an out-of-area geographic number. This allows our customers an array of options positively impacting their business growth and marketing plans.


Get Ahead

BT aims to have all businesses using SIP by 2025 when they plan to switch off their ISDN and PSTN networks. The landscape has been set, and the state of the art technology is sound right now. Why wait. Get ahead of other businesses, and be settled ahead of time.