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Tribe is the perfect choice for your global IoT solutions.

Established in 2014, Tribe Telecom started its life as a new kid on the very large block of B2B business telecommunications.

We often heralled ourselves as being bespoke and out of the box. What we meant by that was that we were never afraid of square pegs in round holes.

We have grown areas of our business and said goodbye to others in order to specialise in what we now see as the future of Tribe. We remain 100% committed to maintaining the best and most competitive B2B mobile solutions and since early 2022 we now offer global IoT connectivity solutions.

This has given us an opportunity to grow, working with customers & partners on an international scale to deliver bespoke solutions that keep our customers connected with both their employees and their product.


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Switching to Tribe…what you need to know

We believe in treating everyone we work with and for alike.  Having grown this company from the very smallest of acorns we have worked hard to forge great relationships with the right providers.  This has then paid off for our customers and in turn they have granted us their loyalty.  Many of our customers realised the same vision and joined our Tribe from the beginning and we remain so grateful for their continued support.  We are proud of our achievements to date, we are also open and honest enough to admit any mistakes.  And we are always keen to learn new and imporived ways of doing a great job.  So if there is something we can do better we always want to know.

To provide the best customer service to all we work with and to those we work for. To ensure we maintain our beliefs in ourselves and what we can achieve together. To continue to be honest and transparent in all that we do.

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We are extremely humbled by the loyalty of our customers. They are the reason we continue to grow from strength to strength and they are the ones that keep us in check. We offer our customers 1:1 management so they will always be dealt with by the same person throughout the life cycle of a contract. And in reward for their continued service we are known to deliver the odd cup cake or donut as a thank you!

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We promise to always be open and honest with our pricing. If discounted rates can be applied we will pro-actively seek these out. If we aren't the cheapest on the market we will look to price match where possible. We will always respond to our customers within the agreed service level agreements featured within our contracts. We will remain a genuine team of people delivering the best customer service to all we work with and for.

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